Therapy Daily helps you maximize the time and money you spend on therapy.


    By capturing what you learned with your therapist, it helps you apply your insights between sessions. Designed for busy people, it helps you build positive, customizable routines for just 5 minutes a day. 


    And in your own time, in your own way, be your best self a little more each day.


  • How can I tell if this app is right for me?

    No matter where you are in the therapeutic process, you realize the value of what therapy gives you.


    You see that therapy is the path to a better, more meaningful life. You want to be your best self between sessions, not just in a quiet room. You know that therapy is for the long haul, and you want a little extra support in sticking to it.

    From guided meditation to trigger check-ins, from forming good habits to breaking bad ones, Therapy Daily is the companion app to your inward journey.

  • 7 Day Program

    Simple Start comes free with Therapy Daily and is designed help be the easiest way to integrate Therapy into your daily routine.


    More Premium Programs coming soon!

  • More info

    These features were developed by inward’s founders to support their own paths through therapy, and improved with the help of world-class therapists, insightful coaches, and people like you doing their best to actively engage in the therapy process.

    5-Min Daily Routine

    Our Simple Start program, free with the purchase of Therapy Daily, helps create a positive daily routine with 7 days of 5 minute practices that build mindful breathing, therapy insights, and reflection into a daily routine.

    Mindful Reminders

    Mindful of not being just another distraction from our digital lives, Therapy Daily App offers daily reminders that coach you and prime your mind with insights from therapy within the context of your daily life, helping integrate it consistently so that it becomes your natural response.

    Session Journal (aka Lifelog)

    Personal insights can come at anytime, whether you are at work, walking the dog, or taking a shower, and Therapy Daily helps you preserve those insights with notes and forms. With these insights tracked and easily available, you and your therapist can hone in on specific behaviors, triggers, and situations to make your sessions more effective.

  • Questions?

    Thank you for kindly reaching out to us! We love to answer questions or hear how Therapy Daily has positively impacted your life or what we could do better.

  • Specialized Content (coming soon)

    Additional programs will be introduced over time that focus on different practices (like CBT, Mindfulness, & ACT) and on different parts of life (like couples counseling, addiction, pain, & loss). Sign up to get updates about these new programs.

  • Android

    Request to join the Therapy Daily Facebook group and, once approved, comment on the beta tester post to be added to the Android tester list. Thank you for your patience, we are looking forward to offering an Android version ASAP.

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